Intimate Yacht Wedding | Hornblower Cruises | Newport Beach, CA Wedding Photographer | Lianna & Kevin

Working with these two and their families was a dream!

Lianna and Kevin are high school sweethearts. They met in the 9th grade when they were introduced through mutual friends during gym class and ever since then, they have come to know each other and grow in love! Then, in October 2014, Kevin planned the most beautiful proposal! While on vacation in Hawaii, he took Lianna hiking and proposed on the beautiful DiamondHead Trail in O’ahu! How incredibly sweet is that?!

Their intimate Newport Beach wedding day was SO full of happiness! The day began with the lovebirds and their families getting ready at the gorgeous Balboa Bay Resort. Lianna and Kevin shared a romantic first look right by the marina and we then traveled to Inspiration Point for a few ocean view photos.

Their nautical themed ceremony and reception was aboard the Hornblower yacht in Newport Beach. I loved every little detail incorporated into Lianna and Kevin’s day – from the custom made sail boat candle holders, seashells adorning the tables, beautiful floral pieces (by the very talented Merci Bouquet) and the AMAZINGLY delicious (and gorgeous!) cake (by Pacific Patisserie).

It was such an honor working with and getting to know these two and their families. Congratulations to Lianna and Kevin!


Intimate Yacht Wedding | Hornblower Cruises | Newport Beach, CA Wedding Photographer | Lianna & Kevin

Glendale Lakes Golf Club Wedding Photos| Chicago, IL | Staci & Scott

Staci and Scott are MARRIED!

Staci and Scott met through a synchronized swimming group at Huntington University in Indiana. Soon after, they fell in love and Scott proposed to her by taking her to her favorite restaurant (Olive Garden!) for dinner and back to the decorated University auditorium to pop the question!

Their wedding day began with Staci getting ready at her beautiful family home. We then traveled to Faith Christian Reformed Church for their ceremony, followed by photos and a gorgeous rustic themed reception at the Glendale Lakes Golf Club. The floral designs by Signature Creations and Prestige Floral Studio were absolutely breathtaking and Sounds Abound Entertainment kept the celebrations going all night! Staci and Scott’s whole day was filled with friends, family, smiles, and so much joy!

I have been so looking forward to sharing this wedding with you all – I’ve known Staci my whole life and it was such an incredible honor to get to know her and Scott better as a couple through their planning process, engagement session and to be a part of their wedding day. The love that Staci and Scott have for each other is obvious and they are just as sweet as can be! Congratulations to the happy couple!


Glendale Lakes Golf Club Wedding Photos| Chicago, IL | Staci & Scott

Wilderness Park | Redondo Beach, CA | Family Session | Brooke Tobin Photography

LOVED working with these gorgeous ladies!!

Lillian and Felicity had the most beautiful smiles and knew just what to do for the camera – natural little models!! And those big blue eyes!! GAH!!

*insert all the heart emojis here*

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is meeting new families –  and how cool is it to work with different generations!! It’s such an honor to see the love shared between a family first hand and share that love and personality through images for those families to treasure forever. Its my favorite ❤

2017-05-17_0003 copy2017-05-17_0001 copy2017-05-17_0007 copy2017-05-17_0005 copy2017-05-17_0009 copy2017-05-17_0010 copy2017-05-17_0011 copy2017-05-17_0012 copy2017-05-17_0014 copy2017-05-17_0015 copy2017-05-17_0017 copy2017-05-17_0018 copy2017-05-17_0019 copy2017-05-17_0029 copy2017-05-17_0026 copy2017-05-17_0020 copy2017-05-17_0024 copy2017-05-17_0022 copy2017-05-17_0027 copy2017-05-17_0028 copy

Wilderness Park | Redondo Beach, CA | Family Session | Brooke Tobin Photography

Manhattan Beach Pier| Manhattan Beach, CA | Family Session | Brooke Tobin Photography

This family was so much fun to work with!!

It was such a blessing to have both sets of grandparents in town from India to celebrate the twins FIRST BIRTHDAY! We played in the sand, took a snuggle break, watched the waves, and captured some beautiful memories of this beautiful family all together!

Happy 1st Birthday, Radha and Dhruv!

2017-04-20_0001 copy2017-04-20_0004 copy2017-04-20_0005 copy2017-04-20_0006 copy2017-04-20_0007 copy2017-04-20_0008 copy2017-04-20_0011 copy2017-04-20_0009 copy2017-04-20_0010 copy2017-04-20_0032 copy2017-04-20_0012 copy2017-04-20_0013 copy2017-04-20_0014 copy2017-04-20_0015 copy2017-04-20_0017 copy2017-04-20_0016 copy2017-04-20_0018 copy2017-04-20_0019 copy2017-04-20_0020 copy2017-04-20_0021 copy2017-04-20_0023 copy2017-04-20_0022 copy2017-04-20_0029 copy2017-04-20_0025 copy2017-04-20_0024 copy2017-04-20_0026 copy2017-04-20_0028 copy2017-04-20_0027 copy2017-04-20_0031 copy

Manhattan Beach Pier| Manhattan Beach, CA | Family Session | Brooke Tobin Photography

Palos Verdes, CA Engagement Session | Abalone Cove | Wayfarers Chapel | Jesse and Jessica

Working with these two was such a dream!

Jesse and Jessica met during their junior year of college when paths crossed over a slice of cake. After running into each other at numerous gatherings with mutual friends, Jesse decided to help Jessica out at her job in the school cafe by washing all the dishes so that they could hangout before the day was done! How sweet is that?!

I’ve been so anxious to share these photos with you all – it’s one of my favorite sessions to date! Enjoy!


2017-03-16_0001 copy2017-03-16_0002 copy2017-03-16_0004 copy2017-03-16_0003 copy2017-03-16_0006 copy2017-03-16_0005 copy2017-03-16_0007 copy2017-03-16_0009 copy2017-03-16_0008 copy2017-03-16_0015 copy2017-03-16_0011 copy2017-03-16_0013 copy

“What I love most about Jessica is her ability to keep me grounded and organized…”

– Jesse

2017-03-16_0012 copy2017-03-16_0014 copy2017-03-16_0018 copy2017-03-16_0020 copy2017-03-16_0021 copy2017-03-16_0023 copy2017-03-16_0025 copy2017-03-16_0026 copy2017-03-16_0028 copy2017-03-16_0027 copy2017-03-16_0029 copy2017-03-16_0031 copy2017-03-16_0032 copy2017-03-16_0033 copy2017-03-16_0034 copy2017-03-16_0035 copy2017-03-16_0036 copy2017-03-16_0037 copy2017-03-16_0038 copy2017-03-16_0040 copy2017-03-16_0039 copy2017-03-16_0041 copy2017-03-16_0044 copy

“I love the way he loves me and is patient with me. I also love his dorky sense of humor…”


2017-03-16_0042 copy2017-03-16_0045 copy2017-03-16_0046 copy2017-03-16_0047 copy2017-03-16_0048 copy2017-03-16_0050 copy2017-03-16_0052 copy2017-03-16_0054 copy2017-03-16_0053 copy2017-03-16_0057 copy2017-03-16_0058 copy2017-03-16_0059 copy2017-03-16_0061 copy2017-03-16_0060 copy2017-03-16_0063 copy2017-03-16_0066 copy2017-03-16_0062 copy2017-03-16_0067 copy2017-03-16_0069 copy2017-03-16_0070 copy2017-03-16_0068 copy2017-03-16_0071 copy2017-03-16_0072 copy2017-03-16_0073 copy2017-03-16_0074 copy2017-03-16_0076 copy2017-03-16_0078 copy2017-03-16_0075 copy2017-03-16_0077 copy2017-03-16_0079 copy2017-03-16_0082 copy2017-03-16_0083 copy

Palos Verdes, CA Engagement Session | Abalone Cove | Wayfarers Chapel | Jesse and Jessica