Palos Verdes, CA Engagement Session | Abalone Cove | Wayfarers Chapel | Jesse and Jessica

Working with these two was such a dream!

Jesse and Jessica met during their junior year of college when paths crossed over a slice of cake. After running into each other at numerous gatherings with mutual friends, Jesse decided to help Jessica out at her job in the school cafe by washing all the dishes so that they could hangout before the day was done! How sweet is that?!

I’ve been so anxious to share these photos with you all – it’s one of my favorite sessions to date! Enjoy!


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“What I love most about Jessica is her ability to keep me grounded and organized…”

– Jesse

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“I love the way he loves me and is patient with me. I also love his dorky sense of humor…”


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Palos Verdes, CA Engagement Session | Abalone Cove | Wayfarers Chapel | Jesse and Jessica