Changes & Transitions!

Hey, everyone!!

In my last post, I mentioned some changes in my life as well as new things happening to BTP that I am SO excited to finally share with you all here!

One of the biggest and most exciting changes occurred August 1, 2015 – the day I finally got to marry my best friend, Mike! Little back story…

Mike and I met through a mutual friend (thanks Jamal!!) at a homecoming dance back in high school in January 2009. Not long after the dance, he invited me to an afternoon snack of chips and salsa at a nearby Chipotle after school, which, ended up being a bit awkward and hilarious because he had cilantro in his teeth the whole time and I was too scared to tell him….(but see? now I have a funny story to tell you all and he married me anyway so it worked out!) After that – what we actually call our first date – he took me for ice cream after classes and taught (or tried to teach) me how to play chess. He snuck a stuffed animal lion (which we named Stanley) into my locker for Valentine’s Day, we began hanging out a lot more often, went to prom together, etc. Then, one very stormy night in October, he made a surprise visit home from college to see me and, while drinking 7-11 slushies under a tree in the park, he asked me to be his girlfriend and it was the best day ever (ya know, until everyday after that that I got to call him mine and then 7 years of long distance later finally marry him)!

Here’s a picture of the baby version of us from the year we met! This was at his senior prom 🙂

4569_89391964857_5335257_n 2

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day and we were surrounded by all our amazing family and friends. Everything was very classic, romantic and WONDERFULLY captured by the talented Dana Ann Photo and Video! It was the most perfect day!!


(All of the above photos were taken by Dana Ann Photography in the incredibly GORGEOUS Morton Arboretum!)

Our wedding was then followed by an amazing SURPRISE honeymoon to Cancun! Yup, you heard it! Mike planned the whole honeymoon and kept it a compete secret until our wedding night! Told you he’s the best!! We swam with dolphins, zip-lined and rode ATV’s through the jungle, saw Mayan ruins and so much more!

2016-03-03_0005 2

(These honeymoon photos were taken by me on a Fujifilm waterproof disposable camera! They are so fun!! Find them here!)

Being married is wonderful and I have the best husband ever! I am so lucky to wake up to him every morning and go to sleep with him at night. God really knew what He was doing when He put this man in my life! He loves me for who I am, brings me coffee in bed every morning and always encourages me to follow my dreams.

And now, I get to help him follow his dreams too! Mike is an engineer and began working in Los Angeles, California in 2013. After our wedding in August, I moved to LA to be with him on this journey to see where this job takes him! Now that being said, this move also means that BTP has moved to Los Angeles (but don’t worry, Chicago, I’ll be back to visit often)!! It has been a fun journey so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us and for BTP!


Since the move from Chicago to LA, BTP has received a complete face lift all thanks to a wonderful graphic designer and friend, Kevin Synoga of Synoga Design! I am SO excited that the site is officially complete and for you all to see the fresh new changes – an updated logo, website design and all sorts of fun goodies and products for future clients!

I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you all in the coming weeks, watching BTP grow in a new location and meeting some new faces! Feel free to connect with me right here, through the website “Inquiry” page, or send me an email at! I can’t wait to meet you!

Until next time!




Changes & Transitions!