Meet BTP

Hey there!

So I figured it was about time to write my very first blog post EVER and better introduce you all to Brooke Tobin Photography (often referred to as BTP)!

So why not start from the beginning?

I have always been very interested in photography…

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From the time I was just one year old, I was always stealing my mom’s or grandma’s disposable and snapping all sorts of photos of, well, baby stuff. Blurred motions, my own eyeball (as pictured above) and the like. As I got older (about 7 years old at this point), I was always asking for my very own disposables to play with and take on vacations. I was VERY serious about my pictures. Here is a funny little story to prove it…

One year, my parents surprised us with a trip to Florida – we were scheduled to go to Discovery Cove and swim with dolphins and everything!! My parents made each of my siblings and I vacation packs for the long car ride to keep us occupied. Inside each bag was our favorite candies, coloring books, crayons, maybe a new book or game and low and behold!! – a brand new DISPOSABLE CAMERA ALL FOR MYSELF!! At 7 years old this was a HUGE deal. Who am I kidding, I still get excited about disposable cameras!!

So the vacation goes on, we are all having the best time and my little disposable was filling up fast with pictures of anything and everything – the dolphins, food we ate, the views – you name it. The housing my parents had rented for us on this trip was right next to a swampy area. We had made a habit of it to walk along the swamp (especially in the evenings). We learned that from the house, we could see alligator eyes glowing from above the water at night. My dad and older siblings wanted to check it out and I was terrified (but I had my camera so I would get over it). Now – if you don’t know me I absolutely HATE being scared. HATE it. I mean I cry watching horror movie trailers. While everyone was wandering about the swampy coast, my mom, my younger siblings and I chose to stay up higher on a bridge that overlooked the swap. As I was getting in position to capture the swampyness below me, my mom came from behind, scared me so hard that I almost peed my pants, and made me drop my camera IN. THE. SWAMP. I burst into immediate tears. All my vacation images were gone forever and my 7 year old world came tumbling down. I was so upset that I threw a fit and I begged my dad to get in the alligator infested swamp to rescue my already destroyed $10 disposable camera. Yup. You heard me. At 7 years old I was willing to feed my dad to the alligators for a disposable camera.

*insert cool vacation picture* …oh wait…


Once I got to junior high and high school, I began taking any and every art and photography course offered to me. I made a pinhole camera out of an oatmeal canister, drawings, pottery and more.

I was in high school when my sister got engaged and she asked me to take some engagement photos of her and my soon to be brother-in-law at the park (keep in mind, this was before I purchased an actual camera and I shot the entire session on a little Kodak point and shoot – date stamped and all).

1915426_1160671693962_1634765_n (1)

During that session and after returning the photos to them and seeing how happy and excited they were to relive those memories made me realize that photography allows me to combine my passions of art, love and people. I then knew that I wanted to pursue photography as a career and let me tell you – not once has it felt like work. I absolutely love what I do!

After graduating from Timothy Christian School, I finally purchased a real camera and went on to pursue a degree in Studio Art/Photography with a minor in Art History from Trinity Christian College. There, I learned a ton! Sculpture, drawing, painting, digital design, and of course – photography! Throughout all four years, I worked as a student worker all over the art building doing reception work in the gallery, working and monitoring the printing studios, occasionally fixing the printers, as well as took charge as the assistant art director during artist visits. In my sophomore year, I was published in the Photographer’s Forum: The Best of High School and College Photography book for a self-portrait studio session. (You can view the publication here.)


(Above – Left to Right: Drawing of my niece – 2015, Self Portrait photo – 2013, Drawing (made of a piece of Plexiglas and packing tape) – 2012)

Since graduating from Trinity in May 2015, a lot of changes have happened in my life – I got married, moved across the country, re-branded BTP, gained a new baby sister, and so much more!

More words to come soon! Stay tuned…


Meet BTP